Lighting System

A well designed and controlled lighting can enhance all areas of your home and create the right mood. A lighting control system allows you to take control of all lights through the use of neat and compact keypads instead of wall cluttering bank of switches, and allows you to set lighting scenes through the house at a touch of a button.

This level of lighting control gives you

• Flexibility to control groups of light, set lighting moods in individual rooms from a remote control, touch screen, keypad or a traditional switch..

• The ability to create a lighting scene for any activity, by the use of digital dimmers, whether it be watching your favourite film, reading your book or preparing a meal.

• The ability to link the lights to the security system.

• The ability to turn off or turn on the lights from a remote location by a mobile phone or via the internet.

• The ability to have the lighting automatically activated when you enter a particular room in the dark, imagining never having the need to touch a switch ever again

Climate Control Products

Climate Control products make automated temperature control simple and affordable. Such a system can automatically turn on or off the heating/air conditioning systems based on specific events or changes in the temperature. You are returning early form a week away, no problem! One simple call to the system and the house will be at the perfect temperature to welcome you home.


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