Security Systems

Simply fitting a burglar alarm is not an effective way to secure your home since alarms sound after damage has occurred. A more effective way is to use an intelligent system that controls various features throughout the house in order to simulate the presence of people.

• The pattern of lights in your home can be changed. This enhances the illusion that the house is occupied.

• Curtains can be programmed to open and close at various times or react to low light sensor.

Other useful features could include-

• Burglar alarm can be linked to the lighting system causing all the lights to be switched on during a security breach.

• An exterior PIR triggering exterior and interior lights.

• A CCTV system showing activities outside on any TV in the house or via a web browser on a networked PC or if needed cameras can be set to come on screen automatically if a movement is detected outside.
Imagine taking a live video look at your home or holiday cottage through CCTV linked to your TV or laptop

Apart from burglaries an intelligent system can be programmed to-

• On a smoke alarm activation, switch on lights in hall and landing to provide exit routes for the occupants.

• Monitor your child in his bedroom from any TV in the house by plugging a small camera into a data socket.

• Allow remote interrogation and programming of your property from anywhere in the world by using a web based technology or a mobile phone.

• To open automatic gates/garage doors and external lights at the same time when approached.

• To lock all exterior doors and windows at once with a central locking system.


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