An entertainment system delivers sound and vision throughout your home from a central location

Sound systems

Imagine the sound of your favourite music playing in every room of your home including in your bathroom. Cables hidden in your walls carry music to each room where stylish wall keypads and high quality ceiling speakers provide you and your family with total control over what is being listened to. The systems arecompatible with almost every consumer electronic brand available. This means that a CD player, DVD player and your MP3 hard disk recorder can now be controlled in every room of your home using the wall keypads or a remote control.

The sound system can either be-

• Piped audio

With a piped audio system music can be played in one place and listened to all over the house. Sets of speakers and wall mounted keypad controls are provided to whichever rooms you choose.

• Zone audio

This system gives you independent control of your music system. In each zone you can listen and control any of your sound sources that are located in the distribution cabinet. For example you could play the CD player in the lounge while the MP3 plays in the bedroom.


Visual systems

Experience the enjoyment of watching your favourite TV programme from any room with distributed video from your satellite, digital broadcast or from your DVD. This can be achieved either by a separate distribution system, as part of a whole house audio system or using structured wiring.

Home cinema systems can be supplied as a separate system or as part of the living room TV installation.


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