Basic wiring infrastructure

We provide the required basic standard fit for your home’s electronic infrastructure. This basic wiring system distributes high speed broadband signals and is necessary to serve applications such as digital TV, multiple phone lines, home internet access and prepares your home for future rapidly emerging technologies.

The basic standard system provides low voltage, high performance cables distributed to a specified number of wired outlets in multiple rooms. Installing our integrated home network system will make your home more efficient, desirable and increase its value.

A typical system includes –

A distribution cabinet, which is a compact enclosure that can be hidden away or blended into any typical domestic environment. This is where outside services such as cable TV, telephone, digital satellite, internet, etc are kept and integrated and from which are distributed to various locations throughout the home. The cabinet is also the location where electronic equipment and other system modules are connected to provide a more advanced home automation system.

Connections outlets; Any number of outlets can be built in to any room, which connects services to your phones, TV’s and other electronic devices. High specification Cat 5 cables and coaxial cables are used to connect between these outlets to provide all the performance you need today, while providing the capacity to manage future technologies.


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